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Elvin Ruiz M.D.
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57 West 57th Street       Suite 808       New York, New York       10019
57 West 57th Street      Suite 808      New York, New York      10019
Meet Our Staff
Elvin G. Ruiz M.D.
Dr. Elvin Ruiz, a Nueropsychiatrist, is an American Medical graduate from the University of Puerto Rico. After completing two years of Neurology training at the Veterans Administration Hospital in San Juan, PR, he completed his Residency in Psychiatry and Sleep Medicine at The State University of NY at Stony Brook, where he received further specialized advanced Neurology training. Additionally, he is also a physician certified to practice acupuncture in the State of NY and has extensive experience in pain management and physical medicine and rehabilitation.

Today, Dr. Ruiz is one of the most highly sought out and prestigious expert neuropsychopharmacologists in the United States. He serves as a major consultant and a frequent expert speaker for several major pharmaceutical companies in the areas of depression and other neuropsychiatric conditions. He is truly and uniquely qualified in his specialty as he possess a broad and deep understanding of brain function, which is essential to effectively treat patients with today's latest treatment options, including TMS. Dr. Ruiz is fluent in English and Spanish. 
Veronica - Office Coordinator
Veronica is your first line of communication at Hope TMS of NY. She is well versed and extremely knowledgeable and oversees day to day operations with Dr. Ruiz and can assist you with everything from Insurance questions, to scheduling issues, general information as well as guide you through any questions you may have regarding TMS. Veronica is also fluent in English and Spanish.
Andrea Arango - Office Administrator
Andrea Arango brings 25 years of healthcare experience to the team at Hope TMS of NY.  Her years of successfully handling administrative, office and patient care have qualified her the reputation of of one of New York City's premier administrators. As with Dr. Ruiz and Veronica, Andrea is also fluent in both English and Spanish.
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Richard Karlewicz - TMS Technician
Richard brings his extensive 20 plus years of experience in providing health care service to Hope TMS of NY and his background encompasses a wide range of medical specialties. Richard has been trained and completed his technical courses through Neuronetics as a TMS Technician.
HOPE TMS OF NY is open and available to you 7 days a week and we always do our best to accommodate your busy schedule