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Treating a mental illness or condition typically involves a combination of therapy, customized treatment methods and medication. While prescriptions medications, such as antidepressants or anti-anxiety medication, can help control symptoms of a mental health condition, that is only possible when supervised by a medical professional. People who abuse any medication will not only risk side effects but can cause serious damage to their body and even increase the chance of death.

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Understanding Ketamine Therapy

At Hope TMS and Neuropsychiatric Center, we strive to provide effective and customized treatment to our patients with the overall goal of long-lasting relief. For patients who struggle with depression and do not receive relief from other types of antidepressants, we may recommend ketamine therapy. These treatments may not cure depression, but they can make the symptoms more bearable.

Our team can help determine if ketamine therapy is the right treatment for your needs.

It is important to note that each patient is unique and that what medication works for one person may not work for another. With that in mind, we recommend ketamine therapy for patients who find other methods are not effective. While people may abuse ketamine as an illicit substance and even battle an addiction to it, ketamine can be an effective depression treatment with the instruction of a medical professional.

We can prescribe the correct dosage to help balance a patient’s depression by helping to minimize the symptoms. Reasons for why ketamine can be more effective in certain patients include:

  • The effects can last longer, even after the ketamine leaves the body
  • Some people can begin to experience a change in their symptoms in only a few hours
  • We can find the dosage that is large enough to treat depression symptoms
  • We can ensure the dosage is small enough to not cause side effects

In most cases, patients will take the ketamine through an IV under medical supervision or possibly in a nasal spray. Our team will help guide the patient through the treatment process and tweak the treatment until we find the right dosage of ketamine for the patient’s needs.


Since this is a different treatment than common antidepressants and other methods, we understand that patients may have questions or concerns. At Hope TMS and Neuropsychiatric Center, we are here to guide the patient through every step of the process and address any concerns they might have. With that in mind, here are common questions about ketamine therapy and our answers to them.

How does Ketamine Work?

In the past, ketamine was abused as a club drug. With the proper medical supervision and dosage, ketamine can help to treat symptoms of severe and treatment-resistant depression. While this may not work for everyone, we can conduct a psychiatric evaluation and learn if ketamine therapy is right for you.

How Long will an Appointment Take?

The length of time for each treatment will vary per patient and their overall needs. We typically use an IV to administer the ketamine into the patient’s system. The patient will relax in a comfortable chair while the selected dosage enters the body through the IV. The amount of time can take one or several hours, varying per each patient.

How long will I be on Ketamine?

Unlike other medications, most patients will only stay on ketamine for several months. The length of time will vary per each patient, the severity of their symptoms, the effects of the ketamine on their body and other factors.

Will there be side Effects?

The main side effect following a treatment session will be fatigue. However, there are some cases where a patient feels nausea. While there may be other side effects that vary per a patient’s condition, many of them wear off a few hours after the treatment. Part of our treatment plan will involve finding the right dosage to treat the patient’s symptoms while minimizing the chance of side effects.

If the ketamine is not effective or causes other issues, we can work with the patient to find an alternative treatment. During the psychiatric evaluation, we will review the patient’s medical history and any medications the patient is currently taking to ensure they do not react negatively with the ketamine therapy.

How do I know if I need Ketamine?

Patients struggling with severe depression or depression that is resistant to other treatment methods may benefit from ketamine therapy. As with many prescription medications for mental illness, it is a treatment process that involves some trial and error. We can change the dosage of the medication to the specific amount the patient needs for symptoms relief with minimal side effects.

If you are interested in learning more about this treatment, contact us and schedule an appointment today.

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