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Due to the stereotype of mental health in society, people relate the act of feeling “sad” or “blue” to having actual depression. The reality is that depression is a much more complex mental illness with various forms and effects on one’s lifestyle that can differ per person. Thus, seeking professional treatment is a crucial step in finding effective coping mechanisms for the treatment.

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Understanding TMS Treatment

While traditional treatment methods in the form of medication, therapy and support groups can be effective against depression, some people may need something stronger. This is due, in part, to the fact that depression correlates to how the brain works and is not just a feeling or emotion. With Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation, TMS, treatment in New York, NY, we can help to provide an alternative treatment.

At Hope TMS and Neuropsychiatric Center, we can help you to find professional treatment with the goal of lasting relief and other treatment options, if necessary.

People may not realize that while feelings of sadness and despair are symptoms of depression, depression is not solely emotional changes. In fact, depression can lead to a loss of interest in once-loved activities and other issues such as difficulty at work or school. While there are environmental factors that can cause depression, people can have a genetic disposition to certain chemical imbalances in the brain.

These imbalances can cause more serious cases of depression or increased susceptibility to depression. Fortunately, there are several effective treatment options to help with depression and related symptoms. TMS is a noninvasive procedure that involves using magnetic fields to stimulate the nerve cells in the brain.

Benefits of TMS treatment include:

  • Finding symptoms relief when other treatment options fail
  • Finding an effective treatment when antidepressants were not effective
  • Receiving a noninvasive treatment option
  • Being able to return to daily life after treatment sessions
  • Not needing any form of anesthesia beforehand

Preparing for Treatment

With TMS, we will first need to conduct a psychiatric evaluation of the patient. Along with this evaluation of the patient’s current condition, we will also review their medical history, allergies and any other pertinent information. With this information, we can review any past depression treatments that were ineffective and consider TMS.

Signs that a patient’s depression may be more serious and require TMS treatment in New York, NY, include:

  • Symptoms that persist even after taking medication
  • Changes in sleep patterns (Not being able to sleep or sleeping in too much)
  • Constantly wringing one’s hands or pacing
  • Loss in energy
  • Changes in appetite (Suddenly losing or gaining weight)
  • Slowed speech or physical movements that other people notice
  • Difficulty finding motivation to get up each day
  • Feeling depressed or sad on a regular basis
  • Regular thoughts of death or suicide

In order to receive a depression diagnosis, these symptoms must be consistent for at least two weeks. With more severe depression, the symptoms will come on stronger and make it so daily functions seem impossible. With TMS treatment in New York, NY, we can help to stimulate nerve cells in the area of the brain that regulates mood control.

We may also need to conduct or have another professional conduct a physical examination before considering this treatment.

The Treatment Process

A typical appointment will involve placing an electromagnetic coil against the patient’s head. The patient will sit in a comfortable chair while the machine sends magnetic pulses to certain areas of the brain. After finding an amount that makes the patient’s hands twitch slightly, we will remain near and under that threshold.

The patient will feel a repeated tapping on their head along with a clicking sound. The appointment itself will take around 40 minutes to complete. The patient will need to make regular appointments over the span of several weeks in order to see any symptom relief or changes in overall mood. Since each patient is unique, the results of this treatment may vary per patient.

It is important to note that this treatment will continue alongside other treatment such as medication and therapy. We will customize these treatment methods to the individual needs of each patient since there is no one-size-fits-all treatment method for depression or any mental illness.

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